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    Established in 1992, Kathy Morgan International specializes in the sales, distribution, marketing and financing of theatrical motion pictures and television worldwide.


    Films in Pre-Production



    Cast:  Announcements coming soon
    Director:  Brett Simon

    After accidently killing their tyrant boss and kidnapping a wise-cracking Vietnam war Vet, Harley and Steph race across the country in search of freedom with the FBI hot on their trail. With the unexpected help from strangers whose hearts they touch along the way, they narrowly escape the relentless attempts to capture them at every turn in the road.  Their epic journey culminates in a fiery showdown.  Amidst the chaos and explosions, the two find love and create their own happily-ever-after in this high octane romance for the ages.



    Starring: Joe Manganiello, Sofia Vergara
    Director: John Avildsen (Academy Award Winner – ROCKY)
    Producing: Bill Chartoff (CREED), Lynn Hendee (ENDER’S GAME), Eric Fischer

    From the producers of the ROCKY franchise, an inspirational underdog story about a man named Bobby Stano. As a young rising star, Bobby lands himself to prison for a terrible accident. After 17 years of being behind bars and trying to stay alive, he returns to society… and must fight to reclaim his career, his friendships, and his love.







    A selection of our past successes

    danish-girl-poster-01 The Danish Girl
    behind-the-candelabra Behind The Candelabra
    Adderall_Diaries_DVD The Adderall Diaries
    Camille-2008 Camille
    butterfly_effect_xlg Butterfly Effect
    infini_poster_2 Infini
    bliND-DatinG-movies-23853576-1029-1510 Blind Dating
    swing_vote_4 Swing Vote
    In_The_Land_Of_Women In the Land Of Women
    The-Warriors-Way-Face-Closeup-with-Sword The Warrior’s Way
    kumiko_poster Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter
    another_day_in_paradise_3 Another Day In Paradise
    codename_cleaner Code Name: The Cleaner
    Raise-Your-Voice-movie-poster Raise Your Voice
    crocodile_dundee_dvd Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
    A_Love_Song_for_Bobby_Long A Love Song for Bobby Long
    Snow_Flower_and_the_Secret_Fan Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
    syrup_thumb Syrup
    warriors_of_virtue-2 Warriors of Virtue
    steal_3 Steal Big Steal Little
    Beautiful_2000 Beautiful
    Mr-Jealousy-images-f3aa2820-9599-433a-b7e1-3e52ff45b11 Mr. Jealousy
    thomas_tank_engine Thomas and the Magic Railroad
    The_Rocket_Post The Rocket Post


    Kathy Morgan - Founder and CEO

    Kathy Morgan, founder and CEO of Kathy Morgan International, has been involved in the sales and distribution of motion pictures and television programs for over three decades. Prior to launching KMI in 1992, Ms. Morgan was in charge of worldwide sales for all media of Hemdale Film Corporation’s 186 title film library, which included such films as “Platoon” (winner Best Picture Oscar 1986) and “The Last Emperor” (winner Best Picture Oscar 1987).

    Kathy Morgan International clients have included London Pacific Finance, Turner Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Independent Pictures, Guild Entertainment,  Pony Canyon, Fuji Television, FilmEngine, Digital Domain, Merchant Ivory, IDG China Media, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Britt Allcroft’s Thomas the Tank Engine, Andy Davis’ Chicago Pacific, and Kevin Costner’s Tig Productions.

    Kathy Morgan’s Executive Producer credits include “The Danish Girl” starring Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander (Academy Award Winner for Best Supporting Actress), directed by Tom Hooper; “Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, starring Paul Hogan ; “The Warrior’s Way” starring Geoffrey Rush, Kate Bosworth and Dong-Gun Jang; and Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”, which is currently in development.

    Ms. Morgan served two terms as the Chairman of the Independent Film and Television Alliance and is a current member of the IFTA Board of Directors. Morgan is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Screen Actors Guild.



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